Cults, conspiracy theorists, and television

Here are a bunch of the feature articles I’ve written over the past few months.

The Weather Underground: I interviewed genius Bill Ayers about the current U.S. election, his revolutionary days with The Weather Underground, and all number of other things.

Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm? One of the weirdest dead body mysteries in history.

20 years on, is Happy Gilmore still a good film? (Spoiler: It is). Also about Sandler’s legacy

The QLD man who thinks he is Jesus (Spoiler: he probably isn’t)

Inside the Aetherius Society: An interview with the leaders of my favourite UFO cult

Which show spawned more Hollywood stars, Neighbours or Home and Away? A scientific analysis.

Reefer Madness: Laughing at the old marijuana propaganda films.

In praise of the Daria soundtrack

Gotta CAPTCHA them all. How those annoying things are helping to digitalise historical texts

Daniel Amalm – how being on Home and Away in the ’90s was rough on him.

Interview with Harvey from Sabrina. (What a dude)

Heartbreak High stars – where are they now? (I tracked a bunch of them down for your reading pleasure)

Meet Ellie, the robot therapist treating soldiers with PTSD

The sweeter side of South Park. (It’s not all dick jokes)

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Serial killers, 90210, Friends, and food

More recent features:

An interview with Asia McClain, about how the ‘Serial’ podcast blowing up made her fear for her safety.

About how our environment completely tricks us into eating more. Spoke to an interesting scientist from Cornell University over the phone and his enthusiasm was infectious.

About Edward Wayne Edwards, who was probably America’s worst serial killer, with links to the West Memphis Three, Jon Benet Ramsey, Teresa Halbach… oh, and he may have been the Zodiac Killer!

An interview with Christine Elise – who played Emily Valentine on 90210 – about dealing with mental fans, and mental co-stars.

Storylines from ‘Friends’ that would be the subject of a million angry opinion pieces the next day in the current super P.C. climate.


Prince, Kings, Finns and concussions

A few recent articles, all written for

Cults, Kardashians, and actors putting out records

A few recent articles: