’90s News: 5ive vs. 98 Degrees, Courtney vs. Corgan, Slash vs. Axl



Abz has abruptly quit 5ive, leading countless commentators to ask, “What next for the boy band?” but mostly to ask, “Were 5ive still together, and do you say it ‘five-ive’?”  He made the announcement on Twitter, writing: “As of today I am no longer a member of @Official5ive Thank you to all the fans who supported, I love you all…”

Abz gave no reasons, but luckily, the excellent Australian pop site Auspop interviewed the lad just days before he quit, and in the chat he really lets loose: on members of the group, record labels, 98 Degrees, everyone. Read, as he slays Scott and Ritchie’s songs: “The other two guys would write stuff and it would come back and it was like ‘that’s a bit rubbish’, but it got put on the album anyway. That said, we never released any of their songs as singles. It was the stuff Sean, J and I did that really set what 5ive was about. I think if we had gone with the other two’s stuff, 5ive would have been a lesser band.”

Who knew 5ive wrote their own material, East 17-style?

The best reveal is that Abz once put one of his video clip costumes on eBay… and couldn’t sell it. “At one point, I had this ‘We Will Rock You’ denim thing with all these studs on it and I tried to sell it on eBay, but no one wanted it. That was probably about three years ago when I was broke and I was going through some of my shit. I nearly sold my BRIT Award”

Broke? Nearly sold his BRIT Award? Sorry, we should have warned you that got a little dark.

He is awesomely honest throughout the rather lengthy chat; the entire thing makes for an interesting read.



Three awesome things about Ash’s debut record 1977: It begins with the sound of an X-Wing fighter; it is named after the year the first Star Wars movie came out; there’s a song about Jackie Chan on it. With all this in mind, there’s a lot of expectation for frontman Tim Wheeler debut solo record, Lost Domain, which is due November 3.

Wheeler played pretty much all the instruments himself, which is always a nice thing (see also: Ben Kweller’s third album, the first Foo Fighters record) and if you pre-order the record, you’ll also be donating to the Alzheimer’s Society, which is another nice thing.

Listen to lead single ‘First Signs Of Spring’ below.



If there were any doubts that Courtney Love could still command an audience, and front a world-class rock band, her recent appearances in Australia will have put paid to those. Excitingly, she’s announced plans are in the works to reform the classic lineup of Hole (Melissa, Patty, Eric, Courtney) with the four having already rehearsed a few times.

“In order to pull that off, we’d have to make some music that’s relevant to now, and we’d have to get a modern producer”, she told New York-based Paper Magazine (we recommend Drake’s producer, 40). “I’m not going to do the oldies circuit. My relationships with Melissa, Patty and Eric are all great. At this point in my life, no one is my enemy. Any grudges or issues with that past? I’m done with it.”

No grudges or issues with that past. All’s well that ends well, then.

“The only person I’m concerned about is Corgan. I’m like, what is your problem? I just wish he’d mellow out. That’s all. We’re older. Get over it.”


Think about how long ago ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ seems? In Loser, the film that song soundtracked, there’s a scene where a teenage Mena Suvari winces at the idea of having a Gunners poster. “Axl Rose, eww” she says.

Yet, in 2014, Axl is still dragging a version of Guns ‘n’ Roses around the world, and despite the band name still being active, Slash has again denied that he will ever rejoin the group, or work with Axl, telling Guitar World: “People have been speculating about it for years, but I really have a hard time picturing it. “There hasn’t been any communication along those lines between he [Rose] and I. I have a hard time picturing it, because I’m always focused on the next show. I’m one of those people who lives in the moment. I don’t look too far into the future and I don’t dwell too much on the past.”

Considering he told the same publication two years that Axl “hates my guts”, we won’t hold our breath. Nor will we hold it for the two new Gunners records that Axl claimed in June are near completion. Sing a new song, Axl.

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