’90s News: Tom DeLonge’s Sci-Fi Novel, Backstreet and NKOTB docos, Corgan and Tommy Lee

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Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge is balls deep – as he would no doubt put it – in the world of the paranormal, governmental cover-ups, conspiracy theories, Freemasons, space exploration and other such interests that are openly mocked by many who believe there is a man living in the sky controlling traffic conditions and heart-attacks with equal abandon.

In this fascinating interview with Spacing Out, DeLonge excitedly chats about his decades of scholarly study and keen interest in the CIA: their operations, veiled intentions, and troubled history, and claims he has many powerful friends in high-end government positions – all with a sincerity that no lip-ring can undermine. Now, while you’d expect an in-depth, peer-reviewed study on the phenomenon from someone who had been studying for decades, you also have no right to expect anything at all from the author of such aural treats as ‘Toast and Bananas’, ‘Does My Breath Smell’, ‘Dick Lips’, ‘Dysentery Gary’ and ‘Fuck a Dog’ and therefore news DeLonge has penned a sci-fi novel should be treated with mild, impressed interest, followed by a solemn trawl through their back catalogue dressed in your best cargo-shorts/wallet-chain combo (listen in the following order: Dude Ranch, Enema Of The State, Cheshire Cat, Take Of Your Pants… – and the others if you bought them).

The novel (due this winter) is part of the extended universe surrounding his latest Angels and Airwaves record The Dream Walker, which also contains a graphic novel, a short animated film, and various other works we can only assume have nothing to do at all with dicks. What happened to writing about dicks, Tom? Mark says you never call anymore.


Late last month, Billy Corgan released the album Monuments to an Elegy, the best thing under the Smashing Pumpkins name since – well, since all those recent amazing reissues – but because you’ve already started typing an email titled “Smashing Pumpkins: canon vs. non-canon”, let’s just say it’s their finest, most-cohesive record since 1998’s Adore. Now, if I was dating a Veronica after dating a Jessica Simpson, and the world’s press were suddenly interviewing me, that’d be what I’d be leading with; instead Billy has been silent on his romantic life while openly discussing everything from his maligned place in the rock pantheon to his close mate, Tommy Lee – of Pamela Anderson fame.

Note: The lack of eye-contact between fellow Jessica Simpson love-cats VH1 host Nick Lachey and Billy Corgan.

In a piece with the Wall Street Journal, Corgan discussed how Tommy Lee came to drum on the new Pumpkins album, revealing that the two have been fairly tight from ’92, when Lee attended a Chili Peppers/Pumpkins/Pearl Jam gig, because that’s just how bills were stacked in the ’90s. When asked how a listener would know it’s Tommy Lee drumming on the new Pumpkins album, Corgan offered the only possible answer: “Because he’s crushing the fucking shit out of the drums.” Amen.

Another fact he casually drops into the same interview: he has written 70% of his autobiography, which currently stands at a mammoth 360,000 words. This means, should mathematics remain consistent, there will be over half a million words of pure Corgan writing about Corgan out soon. Your reaction to this tells me everything about you.


“What do you do when you’re a full-grown man in a boy band” asks one of the Backstreet Boys earnestly in the trailer to their new documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, and aside from the following easy options – a) you take your millions, buy stocks in vitamin water, and retire to a beach somewhere that doesn’t get VH1 b) switch to initials and a harder, adult sound ala your fellow street-wise comrades NKOTB, or c) stop whinging and/or dancing – the question poses an excellent premise for a documentary. (If only they’d eaten only Maccas throughout the two-year filming duration, then we’d have a Sundance contender.)

Backstreet Boys: ‘Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of follows the cheeky lads into a London studio in 2012, where they attempt to recapture that ol’ BSB magic and record a comeback album, to coincide with a 20th anniversary tour. Obviously there’s a mess of stock footage strewn throughout, but the real exciting part is watching the guys passively aggressively out-man each other, jostle creatively, and tear open old wounds. The director Stephen Kijak made the excellent Scott Walker documentary 30 Century Man, so this isn’t some slapped-together, made-for-TV, En Vogue nonsense, either.

The film is due to be released on February 27, on VHS and PictureDisc. Backstreet’s back, aight?

And while you were wasting your time wishing goodwill to all men, you completely missed the new NKOTB TV documentary that premiered over the Xmas break in the US: New Kids – Then and Now. Luckily, our good friends over at New Kids on the Block Brasil have laughed off any pesky piracy concerns (they have real problems – and pirates – o’er there) and posted the entire thing online, which you can watch at your bosses’ leisure.

We’ve spoken at length recently (well, you contributed very little) about how NKOTB recently scored/purchased a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame to commemorate 25 years of block-rocking. Seems this was just the start of Hangin’ Tough season, because…


“Step one of any amazing race is to have lots of fun” – Ancient Proverb.

Jonathan Knight is finally fulfilling his potential after years of toiling thanklessly in a famous, million-selling recording act, and is joining the cast of the 26th season of The Amazing Race. Knight and his boyfriend (you knew that, right?) will compete against ten other couples for the metaphorical gold.

People Magazine cite Knight’s years of travelling, “which [the couple] can draw on as they race around the world; not all of the competitors will have that same advantage”, to which we’d gently point out that private-jetting from screaming stadium to air-conditioned hotel room to different private jet because Donnie hated the cushions in the last one, isn’t really the same thing as hurtling dirty and starving around the world on foot and public transport for weeks on end while a camera is being shoved in your sweaty, panting face. His boyfriend is a personal trainer though, and Knight spent the last 25 years locking and popping, so they’ll totally win.

The season premieres on various Torrent sites at around 3pm-ish on February 26.


In a sad note seemingly plucked straight out of an EastEnders season finale, Deborah Bone, as namechecked in Pulp’s classic 1995 hit ‘Disco 2000’, has died, just hours after learning she’d been awarded an MBE for her services in the mental health realm.

Jarvis Cocker’s childhood friend-turned-sweetheart, Deborah’s relationship with the Pulp frontman was immortalised in the following lines:

“Well we were born within one hour of each other. Our mothers said we could be sister and brother/ Your name is Deborah. Deborah. It never suited ya/ Oh they thought that when we grew up we’d get married, never split up/ We never did it although often I thought of it/ Oh Deborah do you recall?”

Although her MBE obviously eclipsed it, she writes on her website that her  “claim to fame is growing up and sleeping with Jarvis Cocker”.

Deborah Bone passed away from a rare form of cancer on January 1.


Of course not. Here’s chubby baby Corgan banging on a drum like the future cage-rattling rocker he would grow up to be.


… and an excerpt from DeLonge’s sci-fi novel. Words!


and this stone-cold classic. “Bob Dylan didn’t have this to sing about.”

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