Magic eye, Melbourne Cup, and Bunnings – my archive of writing for The BRAG


Here is a collection of my best (read: favourite) articles from the past eighteen months or so writing for The BRAG.

The complete archive containing 730 articles* is here, if you enjoy reading about weird Sydney stuff from the present and the past, fast food wars, nostalgia, conspiracy theories, or the history of Bunnings. Enjoy!

*It’s 73 pages with ten articles on each. I didn’t count them all. I’m not a maniac.

R U OK? If so, ask someone else if they are – ‘cos they might not be

12 glorious highlights from the history of the Melbourne Cup

Why can’t some people see Magic Eye pictures? An investigation

Which musical landmarks in Sydney should be recognised with plaques?

Lunatic asylums and war-ships: How Bunnings came to rule hardware and sausage sizzles

There don’t seem to be many upsides to marrying a prince

Looking Back: Silverchair’s Freak Show, 20 Years Later

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack reviewed, 18 years later

Every song from the 2016 Triple J Hottest 100 reviewed in one(ish) sentence

Every song from the 2017 Hottest 100 reviewed in a sentence or two (part one)

Every song from the 2017 Hottest 100 reviewed in a sentence or two (part two)

The community notice board at Banana Joe’s is peak Marrickville

Some well-deserved props to Jack Antonoff for a massive 2017. That’s all.

Some well-deserved props to the Madden brothers. That’s all

Why doesn’t RAGE repeat song info towards the end of clips? An investigation

Looking at the most iconic Royal Easter Show bags of all time

Your guide to the very best Spice Girls merch (once) available

Make no mistake, your ‘My Health Record’ will be hacked and made public

Domestic violence spiked 40% last night due to the State Of Origin

How to tell if you’re dealing with a Centrelink ‘robo-debt’ recovery robot

Let’s revisit all those Nintendo commercials from the ’90s, why don’t we?

Let’s revisit all the best rides from Australia’s Wonderland, why don’t we?

Let’s revisit those Aussie fast food ads from the ’90s, why don’t we?

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