Love in the time of Tinder: my new column

Nathan Jolly's relationship column

I have started writing a weekly dating/relationships/life/mere male column on It is published each Sunday. Below is the archive for your reading pleasure. It works best on Sundays, though.

The Five Love Languages: revisiting a ’90s pop psychology classic (30/10/18)

On planning a wedding without spending the GDP of a small country (23/09/18)

Men are from Earth, women are from Earth (16/09/18)

Old friends, new lovers: What to do when your friend starts dating someone you hate (09/09/18)

Dating deal-breakers: The most common relationship red flags (02/09/18)

Tinder kills any chance of a romantic first meeting (26/08/18)

Do teenage boys care about how they lose their virginity? (19/08/18)

Going to the movies is the worst first date idea ever (12/08/18) 



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